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Its almost 2010 and I believe it’s time for some restructuring. I’m rolling out a new lay out of   this web site. I plan to include Blog posts, Youtube channels, and an audio podcast I plan to start at the first of the year and a few other things. So i hope you come back after I get everything nailed down. In the end I’ll have more content posted which helps everyone I hope. So check back regularly to see how its progressing.  Apple pro applications are arguably the best professional media editing and finishing media tools on the planet. Its the most complete, lowest priced package available, hands down and this site is designed to help guide you through the huge task of getting familiar with the Final Cut Studio Suite along with Shake 4.1. You will also notice one app on my site that isn’t apple related. Its called Modo from Luxology. This will more than likely have it’s own section due to me having Modo tutorials spread over different accounts.  It is my favorite 3D modeling app in the world and it complements a mac better than any other. Apple uses it, Pixar uses it as well as many others. Apple even uses it to benchmark its pro machines. The reason its include is because if you know a 3d app along with FCS package, there is hardly anything you cant do. So i picked the best modeling app I could fid to include. If your not interested in 3D, thats o.k. But if you are, your gonna find these tutorials very helpful. Using Modo, Shake, and FCS you’ll be able to make your own 3d objects, use shake to composite that 3d object into your scene than use FCS to add titles, and edit. A complete package. I may also, from time to time, post Houdini tutorials. Houdini is a wonderful app for anyone wanting to do particles, fluids, dynamics etc. Its a great add on to really juice up your media and give it that final bump of greatness. Houdini can simulate rives flowing, water spilling, rain, fire, smoke, explosions, rigging and much more. So with Houdini for fluids and particles, fire and smoke, Modo for 3D modeling and texturing, Shake for compositing and FCS for finishing and editing you’ll have a complete production studio in your home. Soma come on in, kick your feet up awhile, and lets learn something. I will also be adding a BLOG to the site and any donations will be put toward paying for bandwidth for the site. Full Hd videos can be found on my YouTube channel, This site is completely free. So please be patient. Maybe One day it will evolve into a real online school but until then I hope I can still help. In the future I would like to offer DVD’s but I have no partner to help with the business end. I’m just an artist, lol. So maybe someday, when I find someone who really wants to help and knows his way around a business maybe I can put a few together. But for now, due to Bandwidth expense, HD videos on this site are out of my reach at the moment, I’m very sorry. The more bandwidth I can afford means I can Host more videos. AppleShakeGuru@YouTube is All My Final Cut Studio Tutorials, Modo/Houdini Tutorials @YouTube will House all my 3d app tutorials. Again, all these can be accessed from the top menu. Thank You. Oh, and go check out my forum at:

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Welcome To my NEW website, Final Cut Studio School. The best place on the web to get free training on all your favorite Apple pro apps. As you can see, the site is under construction. No worries, all things will be back as normal soon. And yes, the old videos will be posted. Take note the videos may seem to take forever to load in some cases. Thats because its loading the whole video before it appears. Or you may need to REFRESH the page.

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